Welcome to my health living blog! I am so excited to share with you my tips and knowledge of nutrition and health. This is something that I am really passionate about and that makes me feel good. I know eating healthy isn’t always the easiest, trust me, but making small and simple changes can make the world of a difference. I hope that going through this journey with me that you will be able to find your happiest self by taking care of yourself!


I wanted to write this blog to help others to learn to love themselves. I hope that we can all realize that health and beauty does not depend on the size of clothes you wear, the number on the scale, how much you can lift, and the other things that the world is trying to convince us of. If we can grow to love who we are in our own skin, then we will be able to find our unique and individual beauty. The impressive thing is that our body has its own ideal and perfect “weight” that is healthy and individual for you. Once you are able to feed your body with the nutrients that comes from whole and healthy foods and stay active your body will be able to maintain the perfect “weight” for you. All we need to do is learn what is best for our bodies and do not compare with others.

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